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Full Version: Cloning Poppies?
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ok i have heard a report from a member on here that cloning is possible and has been done with poppies i intend to test that when my poppies get older...i would enjoy some feed back on this.... and perhaps some sharing of cloning methods of the poppies
Three key elements to clone poppies. Humidity, Heatpad and most of all a good cloning solution...I like gels the best. Other then that is hit and miss it took me a while to get it down but now im done with the old style and im looking to move onto tissue cultures which should be much more interesting. Sorry ide get into it more but this w/d event im having is getting the best of me.

stay safe,
i am sorry to hear your going through a rough time i know how it is man...just stay away from those opiates for a bit....when you feel better i would love to hear more detail about your cloning method....if anyone else would like to offer some methods that would be great
i dont know if clones can be taken by leaf (although im sure they can) but i know 100% sure that root cuttings can be taken and grown. i myself was going to try tissue culture, and i may still but i hear that root growth is very stunted in this procedure. all you need for good clones if your taking leaf cuttings would be like anabolica said... humidity, heat and preferrably gel clone solution, such as Clonex
Autumn Flowers
Have a question about leaf propagation.

once the leaf takes root, does it form a plantlet like a violet or 'mothers inlaws tongue' and then you remove the leaf so it is a stand alone plant?
i would assume that during leaf propagation it would form a plantlet, but dont know for sure
What would the advantage of cloning poppies be? If I understand correctly, once poppies initiate flowering you can not go back to vegatative mode. So if that is correct, it would seem that in order for cloning poppies to be of any use, you would have to clone it while it's in vegetative stage. Or is the new clone regardless if veg or flowering stage able to produce new vegatative growth again as a result of being cloned?
out of all the clones ive taken, the clone acts as an entirely new plant, and begins its life cycle at an earlier stage... for example a clone taken from a flowering poppy would revert back to the vegetative stage, my thinking isnt clear right now i dont know if this post makes any sense
First of all a clone is a direct genetic match from the mother plant it was taken from and will grow into and exact match as far as color, potency and visually. It is never good to take a clone from a plant that is already flowering for 2 reasons: the plant the cutting is taken from will have to exspend some of its energy on healing itself and will hamper its vigor and growth, and second the farther into flowering the plant is the less chance the cutting will actually root and survive.

The best time to clone with the most success is while its still in the vegitative stage.
Autumn Flowers
It would be an interesting experiment if someone had indoor poppies that they cloned, then once the clones got up to size, moved them outdoors the bolt.

I am not sure if you could move them outside, let them flower and then bring them back inside under 12/12 to regain their strength and do it again. Would be a question for the Rabbit if he is able to put the same plants into flowering several times.
well autumn i do plan on cloning a few persian whites and taz poppies taht i have indoors to go outdoors once they get up to proper size ....i am reluctant too though because i am sure they will be hard to clone.....and right now i am cloning ....other things hehe biggrin.gif
Autumn Flowers
I understand Med, I dreamed I am doing the same. Just my luck, I am probably going to have all females. Damn. Well, 4 of 5 are showing flowers as female. Two are from females that when alittle hermi so I knew they would female. Bro grimm grab bags. Don't know what they are. Others are Niv. Power Plant. I could use one male, extra seed would be nice.

I am interested in seeing how poppies clone but I have only little seedlings and man are they little. gotta goto GNC and get them some vitamins. Get them to bulk up.
i hear power plant is good i am growing a hybrid related to powerplant right now and white widow
autumn flowers-
this is a trick i learned a while ago to induce hermaphroditism in herb plants...
add 1-2 aspirins to a gallon of water, and fertilize the plant with this water every day for a week when they begin to show gender... a female plant will produce male flowers as well as female flowers, and will produce viable pollen... now, since female plants only have two X chromosomes, all the pollen produces has X chromosomes, meaning that all the offspring made from that pollen will be female. this is also a very good method because it cuts down on genetic diversity and causes your plants to breed "true"... just thought i'd share this tactic... great way to produce all female seeds... note that this technique will not work on males, because males cannot make the female ova
(off subject still)
DragonChaser100: the hermie trait is passed on easily is it passed on to the MJ seeds when this is done....i would think it would be wouldn't it....although i have heard of induced hermaphroditism that didn't pass on the hermie trait is this true with the asprin method?
no, this trait is not passed on because the aspirin doesnt cause genetic mutations, just physical changes in the mother plant. since the genes are not changed, all the resulting seeds will be female, and none should be hermaphroditic unless the mother plant had a gene for hermaphroditism in the first place. this is a great method for producing sensi bud, just take a bunch of these seeds and toss them around in a field hehe...
Autumn Flowers
thanks DragonChaser100, that is some very interesting information. I can't remember the chemical, a gibberellin (ga3), I am looking it up, that is really expensive. GA3 causes male flowers to form on female plants, I saw a bottle on the net that was $100 bucks. Just a couple ounces and I am sure the percentage of the chemical in it was quite low. Maybe they are saving the aspirin for their head after paying that much money for a small sprits bottle.

Unforunately I don't get a chance to try the aspirin trick out. I had one plant that was really slow to show sex. Either it was really slow, or I haven't seen male flowers in so long I didn't recognise them. Anyway, I will have plenty of seeds now. He is going full speed ahead. He is out numbered 2 to 1, but I am sure he is not complaining biggrin.gif

I will try to make some feminized seeds though. will be very interesting. gotta keep the drug taskforce bz this summer. Just way down the road somewhere.
no problem autumn,
gibberellic acid is a common chemical used to induce hermaphroditism, im not sure if this can cause genetic mutations however, but just due to cost i would stick with the aspirin
I have heard that you get better results if you take clones off the mother and treat the with the giberellic acid and collect the pollen and the fertalize the mother, so you dont change the plant, but you get the same genetics
Cloneing sounds like a real cool thing to try... So, If I cut a leaf off of a huge plant will that get me closer to a large plant sooner than with just seeds or does it give you a head start??? I am going out right now and trying this... Thanks for the cool ideas that everyone comes up with... This dragon chase has really turned into a really fun hobbie... Thanks for all your help...

yeah basically, but the size is also heavily dependant on the environment; by cloning you create a genetically identical plant, so as long as you give it similar environmental conditions it should develop similarly to the mother plant....this can also be done through repetive cycles of selfing though, then the seeds are genetically uniform due to inbreeding; avoids cloning poppies which are relatively intractable to tissue culture, but has all the typical problems associated with breeding (space, contaminating pollen etc.) ....cloning would be more interesting with a mutation method in hand; in that case you could use the cloning technique to proliferate a plant/tissue with characteristics of interest from a population of mutants; the characteristic may be "lost" if conventional breeding is used instead...
i just took three leafs off different random tazzies from my back yard (seeing as all my tazzies are almost milked out.....i have root hormone on the leafs and they are in a starter soil in peat moss cups under a humidity dome .....lets see if this turns out if they root and grow well then before the ones outside die i shall grab more leaves and keep it going in doors all year round

I'm curious. What became of the cloning? Did you have any sort of success?

solaris completely shit i did it wrong i know i did...i tried to clone it like my herb man.....which i would do in my god damn sleep....the poppy is more refined and beautiful for the more sophisticated individual....which is why i started posting on here it was more in my genre of drugs and i got bored with herb ....but that is one of my many tasks i am working on ......seems like this site requires a lot of my spare time which is what i like.....whats the fun in cloning something easy? so i had a thought on leaf propagation but it needs more studies on said in previous posts gel medium might be the only way to go with the poppy another thing is it's hard to get a clean cut on the leaf after flowering is induced i think a vegitative stage clone might be the best way to go seeing as this plant cannot revert back to veg after flowering.....when i hit my PWs indoors this winter it's on man ...i am going to break out the heating pad and invest in some gel which is relatively cheap....humidity is good for clones of herb but i am not so sure it is the way to go with poppies...i usually use the humidity dome when cloning herb but i am not going to do that with the poppies next i figure maybe close watch a good amount of cold spray on the propagating leaves ....some heat from the heating pad under the gel might be the way to go
edit: i fixed it, it didn't even make sense to me lol
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